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Nag Champa incense
40 grams for only $2.59


Our exclusive hydroponic systems

These systems are a combination of hydroponics. Combining advantages of aeroponics,misters and nutrient film.
We like to call this system the Amanon System: providing the perfect combination of air and water and flow.

Combining the advantages of these three main systems into one enables you to have a full proof system. Virtually failsafe. The tops are removable for cleaning and inspection. They come with a high quality on/off timer that can be set to come on for a minimum of 15 minutes and or off for a minimum of 15 minutes every 24 hours 365 days a year. This is the easiest system to operate. Not to coin a phrase but "just set it and forget it".
You will only need to have nutrients added about every 30 days. At that time you should do a cleaning and inspection as well. Just lift the top and lay the plants with their root mass and all into the spare container. Take the old container outside and clean it. Bring the cleaned container back in fill it with nutrients and water. Then place the top with the plants and rootballs back onto the main container and plug it back in. Virtually maintenance free. Holds up to eight plants. Main reservoir holds up to 10 gallons but works best with 5. Allows you to add some extra water if you have to leave the system unattended for a period of time. Pump is a high quality pump easily replacable with a wide open spray system to prevent plumbing from clogging. Entire system contents are listed below.

  • Main reservioir 25 gallon size holds 5-10 gallons
  • High quality efficient quiet pump
  • 24 hour 15 minure interval timer
  • all plumbing irrigation suppied and installed ready to go.
  • Easily removable top with 8 4 inch placements for standard net baskets.
  • 8 net baskets with condensation tops to prevent leaking from jet blast
  • 1 bag of clay pebbles (grow rocks) ( they work the best for this system.)
  • Nutrients to last up to 6 months. They will carry you through growth, flowering and vegetative stages

These are Anaheim Peppers and Vine Tomato plants that have been growing for three months from seeds. Just dropped the seeds right into the grow rocks and they took off. There is plenty of moisture content for germination. As a matter of fact there is so much moisture in the humid air of this unit that if the system pump stopped working for three days you could lift the top and see rolls of water dripping of the clay pebbles (grow rocks). You should notice the pump stopped by then if you ever have a pump go out.
Just control how much moisture you need by adjusting the timer.

Below is a pic of the contents of the Amazonian System pictured above.

Coming soon!



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