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Nag Champa incense
40 grams for only $2.59


Your Guarantees from Live Plants Herbs & Seeds
  • Your guarantee is that you will receive your plants alive and ready for planting. A photo of the plant should be emailed to us on the day of arrival if anything is wrong.
  • All plants are shipped via USPS 2-3 day priority mail with Delivery Confirmation unless you elect to pay for Express Shipping where necessary to ensure your plant arrives alive.
  • During the colder months we include a hot pack in the plant packing that last 60 hours so that we can ship during the cold season without losing plants during transit. There is an additional charge for this service. It is suggested that you include this heat pack during winter ordering.
  • A grow guide will be supplied on the site so that before the plant arrives you can have the items you will need at the time the plant is delivered.
  • During the event that a replacement plant is shipped a reshipping charge will be charged to you equal to the shipping charge we incur to reship the plant or plants.
  • If we do not hear from you by email within 24 hours of receipt of the plant we will assume all is well.

    Plants show signs of stress when wrapped up and placed in a dark box for days. They drop leaves, wilt, and appear to be on the way to their demise. Be patient with the plant and treat it as a sick plant. Mild introduction to the elements, moist but not wet soil and fresh air and it should regain its composure.

    I can not guaratee more than I have due to the fact that we have no idea about the knowledge you have of horticulture. If you do not feel confident that you can take care of these plants please do not order one.
    On the other hand we have taken care of the hard work for you so your job should be down hill. We are also here to answer any questions. We provide access to many links books and videos to help you.
    Transit is the main factor that contributes to a plant's demise. If the plant has suffered beyond recovery you should have evidence of this within the first few days and even upon arrival. I have countless emails about how beautiful these plants look when they arrive so no need to worry.
    Allthough some factors such as heat, cold and just old fashioned delays are beyond our control and beyond your control. If you find your self a victim of one of these circumstances please let us know right away.

    In some instances shipping my be delayed due to bad weather in your area. Please let us know of these conditions at the time of ordering.


Live Visionary plants and cuttings
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