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Sinicuichi Growing instructions

Cultivation and Propagation:
These Heimias can be grown outdoors in California and the South. Elsewhere they may be grown as tub plants. Both prefer a well-drained soil, but a good supply of water. Heimia seeds are very small, and should be sown very thinly on the surface of fine soil that has previously been firmed with a brick. When dealing with a small quantity of seed, it is best to plant them singly, spacing them an inch apart or more. Do not cover the seed, just press them into the soil with a small flat object. The flat should be watered only by a fine spray or by perfusion from the bottom. Keep the flat somewhat shaded and the surface moist until most of the seeds have germinated. When the first true leaves show, begin exposing the flat to more sun and let the surface dry between waterings. If you have sown them too thickly, either thin out to an inch or so apart or prick them out and space an inch apart in another flat. Be careful while transplanting, as Heimia seedlings have very large root systems in relation to their size. Seedlings less than 0.25 inch tall often have 2 inch long roots. When the seedlings are an inch or so tall, pot singly, or plant them out to their permanent positions. Water thoroughly but infrequently to encourage deep rooting. Heimia may also be propagated by cuttings and layers.

Harvesting: The fresh leaves may be harvested after the plant is established well enough to replace the leaves.

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Live Visionary plants and cuttings
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